Ex members

It is invariably the young child, or apparent fool, that is the only one to cry out when “the Emperors have no clothes on”. Ex-BKs, having by the institution’s definition “destroyed their inheritance” and become the “lowest of the low” have nothing more to fear from those individuals that constitute the institution.

Unshackled from the social coercion and political control of expression within the BKWSU, individuals are reborn again. However, it is not always an easy process. There are no manuals for the process. No honeymoon period nor surrogate mothers. It can take many years for individuals to address the conditioning they received within the Brahmakumaris and be free.

We wish to be able to give such individuals, and the brave questioners within the organization, the tools to understand their experience, to encourage them go forward once again and to facilitate their freedom of speech.

Abuse of power and faith; why go public? We believe matters have become so serious that it is now in the public interest for individuals to speak out openly to balance the slick sales PR, the confusing service fronts and expensive facilities with an ethical critique.

Dedicated to, and in memory of, ex-BKs Ranjana Patel and her brother Sharad, Maria Sloane and others, who took their own lives before we found them or they found us.

www.brahmakumaris.info and others

1 thought on “Ex members

  1. A K Madhok

    Innocents are trapped & misled in the name of celibacy to enter heavens, while on Earth. This leads to broken families. They claim to be in direct contact with the Almighty and allure other to follow their path to meet the God. Their preaching of celibacy, if followed, would result in sublimation of the God’s creation.


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