Questions for BKWSU

Questions  to be addressed to BKWSU

  • Specifically how many Sakar Murlis have there been since the beginning of the Yagya and on what dates did they start and stop?
  • Why are only five years supply available?
  • When did the Divine Decrees start and stop?
  • How many copies remain with the BKWSU, where are all the copies of the rest and why were early Murlis destroyed or made unavailable?
  • Who wrote all the original early English language materials, what archive exists and where are copies of them?
  • When did Brahma Baba and BKs become aware that Shiva Baba was entering, as until at least 1949 there is no mention of ShivaBaba in the BK literature of the time?
  • How did Brahma Baba and BKs become aware that Shiva Baba was entering, as until at least 1949 there is no mention of ShivaBaba in the BK literature of the time?
  • In 1939, Om Radhe reports Lekhraj Kripalani was aged 54 which would make his date of birth 1885, in 1970s Jagdish Chander states 55 at the incarnation of Shiva, currently the BKWSU states he was 60 and his date of birth was 1879; which is true?
  • Are Godly students of Shivababa, who have taken 7 Day course, done Bhatti at Madhuban and followed the lifestyle allowed to receive murli, even though they no longer attend a BK centre?
  • Does the BKWSU consider that it is correct for it to copyright and market God’s (Shiva) words?
  • Does the BKWSU consider that it has the monopoly on God’s (Shiva Baba) works
  • Why does BapDada only come for a few meetings during the year. Where is He during the rest of the other days and especially during the late spring-summer-early autumn?
  • Why the necessity to revise/edit Sakar Murlis? (Please define “revise” and “edit” for clarity).
  • Are Avaykt Murlis also revised/edited since 1969? (If so how much?)
  • Are the special meetings between Seniors and BapDada recorded and if so are they made public?
  • Are the official versions of the BKWSU history falsified, specifically;
  • the “incarnation of Shiva in 1936”?
  • the story of the creation of the posters in Vishwa Ratan’s book?
  • Specifically, who has instructed the above and why?
  • Has the BKWSU predicted on numerous occasions that Destruction would happen within a period accurate to a year or so during; World War II? 1950? 1976? mid 1980s (“50 Years for Destruction, 50 years for Creation”), Year 2000 (“food storage, water containers”)? any other dates?
  • When did Janki Kirpalani join and then rejoin the BKWSU?
  • Has the BKWSU re-written the population of the world as according to Shiva in the Sakar Murlis in more recent revisions?
  • Specifically, who has instructed this, who has carried this out and why?
  • Does the BKWSU teach a version of Classical Raja Yoga as describe by Patanjali?
  • Is it accurate to describe BK Raja Yoga as “Ancient Raja Yoga” and if so, how when the organization was founded in 1930s?
  • BKWSU is not intitled or allowed to use UNIVERSITY, but bkwsu still uses it why?
  • Why does BKWSU ignore and boycott people completely when above  and other questions come up?

2 thoughts on “Questions for BKWSU

  1. shakti

    The list of queries goes on and on…but there is no answer from any senior bk….they are just not interested in gyan(narayan banne ki padayee)…they are only interested in money(nakad)…that is why in bhakti-marg there is a saying: “Nakad pahele narayan baad mei”.

  2. Prem

    Brahma Kumar was well managed and administered by late Dadi Prakashmani Ji, under 100% Shrimat of Shiv Baba. After her death all small.and big heads are managing it on manmat. I see unnecasaary huge expenditure done on babas sweet sons donation, such as CCTV in every room, big studio and many more. Those who are not dedicated teachers are given fame, eg shivani. If dadi was alive she would have not allowed such.thing to happen, all such bk will rott in hell.


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