Hidden teachings

Under the senior Sister Dadi Janki , the BKWSU has a policy of denying even loyal BKs supporters access to the channelled messages it considers to be direct from God’ those “Murlis” which spoken through its mediums in India.

Ex-BKWSU members, PBKs, Friends and Family of BKs, or members of the public are all excluded from receiving the Murlis by the BKWSU. Some, in the case of BKs attending PBK events, are even bannished from BK centers and denied access to any more Murlis.

This section is to publicly document requests from BKs, and other sincere spiritual seekers, to this website for the BKWSU to provide them Murlis access. Elsewhere on this website, BrahmaKumaris.Info makes effort to publish as many of the Murlis are time, energy and supply allows in a variety of formats which have been gratefully received.

Chief Administrator Dadi Janki will be well reminded of the times she spent reading the Murlis as many as 20 times a day in order to catch up spiritually with the other early Prajapati Brahma-Kumaris in India. In the Murlis, God says that one should read or study them many times a day to understand their depth.

The BKWSU response has been to circulate classes by its Senior Sisters instead.

http://www.brahmakumaris.info/forum/encyclopedia.php Avyakt Murli

http://www.brahmakumaris.info/forum/encyclopedia.php Sakar Murli

That make up core Brahma Kumari teachings.

These messages, called Murlis, contain the essence of BKWSU teachings are stored behind password protected and encrypted websites. Of the many controversies surrounding the Murlis, including the revision or re-writing of them by BKWSU leadership, the decision to deny acces to the Murli has proven to be the most consistently controversial


Dadi Janki – 5th October 2009 Gyan Sarovar (with teachers)
The wonder of white!
All of us understand how to sit in remembrance. However, it is also very important to take time to sit quietly with the self in order to see what mistakes I have made, to realize them and to pledge to Baba not to make the same mistake again. This is a very, very subtle aspect.
Why do we wear white? White is the colour which includes all colours. The rays of the sun are white and when the Sun and rain come together, all colours emerge in the form of a rainbow. Everyone’s attention is drawn to a rainbow. It looks so wonderful! When we all come together wearing our white clothes, the gathering looks very beautiful . Everyone’s attention is drawn to wear there is a gathering of light… a rainbow gathering. Stains cannot be seen on dark coloured clothes but when you are wearing white every spot shows and everyone can see that. Out of all the colours white shows the marks more than any other.
When you wear a sari in the rain, it is easy for it to get splashed at the back and so it is necessary to move with great care. In fact, whatever we are doing; cooking, walking, cleaning etc. we should pay attention to doing everything accurately, with care and with love so that our clothes do not get dirty. A Brahma Kumar or Kumari should be clean both inside and out. Nothing should be able to mark you inside.
The Sun and Moon are so beautiful… full of light. They sit with pride in the sky and their light and beauty gives their own introduction. They can be seen by the whole world and are loved by everyone. The Moon says, “Look how white I am!”. In the same way, my forehead should be full of light… sparkling… giving light to others. I should be simple in every aspect; clean, white, bright, light. Simplicity has its own beauty; when someone is simple they are so attractive that there is no need for any special hair-do, earrings etc.
A Brahma Kumari means simplicity, spiritual beauty… light. BK means one who renounces. In fact, it is the spirituality that emerges when someone has renunciation that does a great deal of service. At amrit vela we receive a great deal of power and love. It is at amrit vela that we receive power for the whole day. Have good amrit vela and you will not need to ask Baba for anything. It will be as if you have received absolutely everything you need. Learn to take power and you will feel a great deal of happiness. Baba gives His children so much sustenance and He also gives us sovereignty. We are receiving the fruit now and we will continue to receive fruit in the future.
Be aware! If you want to become the ‘head’ of anything you will miss out on a great deal. People tell me that I have become the ‘Head’ of the institution. What does that mean? In fact, I have become completely free. Baba is the One who is working through me so what do I have to do? I am free! Baba is doing through all of us. Brahma Baba followed Shiv Baba. Brahma did so much – he did a great deal of service and even his face did and continues to do service. Baba has made me the instrument and so what have I done? Have I done anything? The One who makes us nice is SO nice Himself. We should be so lovely that people ask who has made us like this. Baba is the One who is operating the instrument. Baba tells His instruments never to say, “”I did this””. If you say this, He will leave you.
I remember that Dadi Gulzar once said that to be an instrument it is necessary to 1) be detached 2) Spend time in silence. The One who has to work through you will then be able to do His work. The One who makes you an instrument looks for an accurate place to keep His instrument. You cannot ask to be here or there: He will find the right place and put you there. The One who wants me to work will work through me and He will even move me around to where He wants me. Actually, personally an instrument does not have to do anything. God works through and does everything for them.
When I meet a prince or a scientist, Baba works through. How can I say that Shiv Baba speaks through me but He is there and people can feel that. It is Shiv Baba who has to get His work done. We have not to compare ourselves with Brahma or compare what I do with what he does did but we have to inculcate his virtues and specialities. If you have desires or attachment, how can Baba work through you? We have to be free from the desires for return. If you do something good then Baba will give you the return. We have to now check and change. We have the choice and the chance to become great now.
Om Shanti *

Dadi Janki – Baba’s duty is to give drishti to the world; yours is to take drishti from Baba

As a detached observer look and see: does Baba remember us more or do we remember Baba more? He comes down at the Confluence Age from the Land of Peace and so should remain peaceful but instead He creates one or other method for us to remember Him and remembers us. Ask yourself with an honest heart: since you came to Baba has Baba remembered you more or have you remembered Baba more?
Each one of you has been selected by Baba as His child – no matter where they were before. Why did I travel so much in these 35 years? Wherever I go, I go to find Baba’s child. In the early days no one would recognise me, though – they were lost in their own intoxication. Now look at all of you…
Baba is very concerned that His children have very good final moments and that’s why He tells us: Just remember Baba – manmanabhav. Baba is right: we have to have the focus of manmanabhav and also the aim of becoming Vishnu – madhyajibhav. Then we will constantly be able to remember Baba alone. Why are we not able to remember Baba so much? I feel that you remember Baba when Baba remembers you but otherwise you are very busy. Yet Baba is always in front of you. It is so bad to forget Baba! Once, some visitors came to Madhuban and I commented how Baba had given them so much love but didn’t remember them afterwards and Baba said: I gave them love and showed them what Baba is like. Now it is their duty to remember Baba.”
There is so much service to be done out there. After 14 years with Baba we did not want to leave and go out on service but Baba would dry our tears and give us such drishti as we left that we would remember only Baba afterwards and would not be affected by the atmosphere outside. Our Baba is the Purifier; He makes everyone pure. Just like the cleansing powder we used to use to clean the urns in the old days, we have to use knowledge to make all the rubbish fall to the bottom and the surface clean and sparkling. When we give knowledge, we don’t so much explain it as share our enjoyment of it. In the early days we didn’t have pictures, we were just lost in Baba’s love. People came and saw the light in the middle of the forehead and felt the might. Where was it coming from? Not from me but from up above. When we become light and go beyond the consciousness of the body, we feel that light and become that light. Then all illness is forgotten. We never asked Baba, “How are you?” It didn’t matter what was going on in the body, the soul was always in good health. Baba gives us the painkiller of being bodiless – the injection of Manmanabhav.
Baba taught us to have remembrance in everything – going to sleep, eating, etc. Why talk of other things? Why look at other things? We should have the Bhagavad (love of God) in our hearts and the Gita (knowledge) in our minds– nothing else – at all times and then we can do world service. But if we still have bondages, we cannot become karmateet. With karmic bondages – desires, attachments, etc – it’s as if we are in jail and have to obey the jailor’s orders. Baba said: First kill all your desires; don’t’ even have the knowledge of what a desire is. You are either constantly wanting and wanting all day or it’s: “I only want a little bit…” Now let your only desire (ichcha) be to be good (achcha). Ask yourself what is it you still have love for? Is it the body, relatives, things, shoes? Whatever you are seeing is visible in your eyes – so take care what you read and see. You forget what Baba says but remember what someone else has said. Look at your chart with an honest heart: am I keeping gossip or rumours inside? To remember someone’s mistake is also a waste of time. When you make a mistake, tell Baba that you won’t do it again and lovely, clever Baba will say: Forget your mistake – it is past. Baba will not punish us – not while He is playing the part of Mother, Father, Teacher, Friend and Satguru with so much love. Punishment will come later when we face the Supreme Judge. But for now take the benefits of all the relationships with Baba.
Do you have time to sit in remembrance, share knowledge and give each other sweet drishti? Baba always liked it when we did that. Baba would say that waste thoughts are like poison, and powerful thoughts like nectar. One drop of poison causes such damage. Arrogance is like poison; it makes us peaceless and unhappy. But when the Bestower of Peace says, “Child”, a current of peace is experienced. Make time for experiencing this; become experienced and share this with others through your vibrations. See how Baba has made you what you are. Baba has His plan; He knows each and every child and pulls them to Him. Imagine if you were singing songs of his praise all day? Baba says: Only you children call Me Baba – not even the deities call Me Baba. Think about how much love there is between the Father and the children! It is Baba’s duty to give drishti to the whole world; it’s your duty to take drishti from Baba.
Om shanti.

Dadi Janki – Just sit in the Boat of Truth and Baba will take care of all your needs

From ‘good morning’ to ‘diamond morning’, we go to ‘golden morning’. Our life is like a diamond. Baba would like every diamond to be real and complete with all virtues. Baba has told us what to do and how to do it. He is the Jeweller and the Diamond Merchant….we too are this, earning a large income with no hardship. We just need the power to discern, so we can see what we must and mustn’t do. The power to recognize and judge comes to those who are sensible. Those who are able to use the power to tolerate and understand ‘nothing new’ become sensible and, like Baba, detached and loving. We become so detached that we are then loved by God. When Baba gives everything, we are so happy. A lotus flower is detached yet a swan can float, dance and fly, because it has the power of discernment and the ability to pick up virtues from all.
The Highest on High Father is with us, so situations are just like ‘small ants’; though be careful, as it is said that when the ant enters the elephant’s ear, the elephant becomes unconscious. Ganesh is shown with the elephant trunk, performing wonders. Ganpati (the elephant head god) – the god of wisdom – is always shown on a throne. A maharati practises and imbibes knowledge a great deal. Ganpati is always depicted with a swastika on his throne, showing the cycle of time…and so one who spins the cycle remains sensible. In a second be able to discern what people are saying, without the need to go into unnecessary expansion.
Those who are to come in the Golden Age understand everything very quickly, few words are needed, time is not wasted, and so time gives support. This is the time to meet God: to become clean and quiet. Everyone receives love from God and so let us see now how much love we have for God. See how all sorrow is removed and we become full with the wealth of peace and happiness.
Dadi Gulzar
Baba has said that sometimes children have voiced thoughts that come from outside and they can become like a mountain…You should do a high jump over these thoughts and be one who goes beyond problems. Do not sit knocking down thoughts, just go beyond.
Baba has given the best present, three gifts:
the crown of light
the tilak of awareness
the heart-throne.
How great are these! Our throne is the heart throne of God! There was a story in bhakti about King Vikramjeet who would always go to his throne and make the right decision at the right time. You don’t come down from your heart-throne do you? Sometimes the children come off and go in little alleyways and get lost. Baba asks who will be able to claim the throne of the world – the ones who are able to sit on the heart-throne now. Do you have the intoxication of wearing the crown and sitting on the throne?
Today’s avyakt murli will make you feel like you are sitting in the bhatti. When you listen to Baba’s murli, check you have the powers that Baba is speaking about and, if you do not have them, fill yourself with them now while there is still time. Look at Baba…He is so happy seeing all of you and everyone is merged in Baba’s arms. All of us are threaded in the rosary around Baba, dancing in happiness. For Baba and Dadi Janki 35 years of foreign service has been completed and in this 36th year 36 powers and virtues should be imbibed to show the world. [Dadi Janki then read a letter from Dadi Gulzar which listed the 36 virtues]
Dadi Janki
When we use time in a worthwhile way, there is happiness and blessings are claimed. Baba talks about doing things in a second. Some of us have taken time but Baba shows us the easy road and the short cuts. The soul is the driver of the body and we need to know when to apply the brake…Baba says: Come and sit with me and I will drive you everywhere – I am the boatman and will take your boat across’. We don’t need anything; just sit in the boat of Truth and Baba will take care of your needs. The One who will sit is the One who recognizes the Boatman, the Lord of the Garden.
Who has greater love – the children or Baba? If we had as much love as Baba, all we would do all day would be to share this with everyone. So we all must go into the flying stage and maintain zeal and enthusiasm. The one who has courage will do this, and Baba is there to help. Baba is ready – when there are pure and elevated thoughts from the child, Baba helps a hundredfold. Just maintain the enthusiasm and awareness that it has happened before, cycle after cycle. The crown of service is a light crown, not heavy. Just sit on the throne and the work will happen naturally. When the child is obedient to the Father, the Father is obedient to the child.

Om shanti.

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