Early history

???????????????????????????????An original copy of the 1940s book;

“Om Mandli”, A true and authenticated story about its activities being a reply to “Is This Justice?”
by the Bhaibund Om Mandli Committee
of Hyderabad Sind …
 An_Reply_to_Is_This_Justice_by_Om_Radhe-latest.pdf Updated. Previous edition downloaded 59 times (2.67 MiB) Downloaded 2813 times

has been found beyond the reach and censorship of the BKWSU and is being released to the public for the first time in 70 years. It is worth noting that;

      a) others copies of it do exist,
      b) that the BKWSU has at least one,
      c) that the BKWSU is hiding its contents from its supporters and adherents,
      d) that the BKWSU has made no efforts to share it or inform us of its existence whatsoever (despite its dependency on this forum for its most recent historical revision work and the inspiration taken from our work),
      e) that the BKWSU has changed and censored what little parts of it they have released to hide the worst of it.

The book sheds light upon the early days of the Om Mandli that turns upside down the Brahma Kumaris’ “official history”, and the portrayal of their gurus and their early critics.

In particular, it documents the intimate, luxurious and even sensual relationships between Lekhraj Kirpalani and the girls and young women of the Om Mandli which involved; lying with, sleeping with, sitting on his lap, kissing and fondling, and even bathing with half naked. It notes his special relationship with teenage Om Radhe and his preference for lighter skinned girls. In one case it refers to a photography of his with Om Radhe with the same morsel of food in both’s mouth as lovers do.

In every way Lekhraj Kirpalani appears to acted as if he was their Krishna and it appears that the nigh universal reaction of the Sindi community of that day was not a reaction “against God” and the Brahma Kumaris “purity” … but rather a reaction against Lekhraj Kirpalani’s lack of morality and Om Radhe’s slavish insolence towards outsiders.

The book, again, refers to the mysterious Saddhu to which Lekhraj Kirpalani is reported to have paid 10,000 Rupees to learn some mystical art, and accuses Kripalani in highly modern terms of running a cult and using hypnotism. Conclusions it took us many years just recently to finally arrive at and accept. It lays bear a version of the activities of the Om Mandli that are far more believable than the BKWSU’s fictional creation. It was written in English and contains authenticated witnesses statements, letters of support from various social organizations and copies of newspaper articles of the time.

This version has been faithfully typed out in full to create a smaller file and to allow easy searching. It’s hoped that a pictorial copy of an authenticated copy of the original will be released as time allows in case there is any doubt as to the authenticity of it.

 What this book does again is to prove that the Brahma Kumari leadership, those who claim to be the top most souls in the world … the future Empresses and Emperors of an Age of Truth (ha!) … have lied, deceived and fabricated about themselves and others viciously.At present, using elite and privileged Western BKs, the inner circle is running around to try and erect another lie or fabrication which is good enough to fob off the faithful BKs and to keep them enslaved, to distract away from the light of truth that is rising around them.

Imagine the decades worth of individuals who based their life decision upon the fairy stories like Adi Dev … is it fair for them that the leadership kept all this hidden, and still keeps it hidden?

For me, all this does a number of things.

Firstly, it portrays the BKs as deeply unprincipled and unspiritual. The BKs have copies of this book, do they tell anyone, do they release and discuss them? As a so called “university”, they have no academic credibility whatsoever.

Secondly, this book and the early documents produced in the name of Om Radhe portray a view of the BKWSU that is almost back to front. That is to say that the “purity”, virtues and values, and many of the inspirations for reform have comes from outside of the BKWSU and certainly not Lekhraj Kirpalani who comes across as devious and egotistical.

Note where his business partner signs, under oath, that he knew Lekhraj Kirpalani was “not a moral man”. What does that mean in the Victorian English of that time? What might Lekhraj Kirpalani have been “not moral” about? There really only are two things; money and business? Or women and sex? (in the Murlis he was called “the lusty thorn” … and, e.g. in Calcutta of the 1910s and 20s nearly 25 percent of working women were prostitutes and courtesans) … What was it?

Fidelity to his wife does not not seem to have been one of Kripalani’s strong points.

Note the clear and specific references to a photograph where he and the attractive, teenage Om Radhe were nibbling at the same piece of food in their mouths. How did his wife feel watching that?

Note the references of the other few men in the Mandli enjoying intimacy with the girls.

There are a few facts to support the claims, e.g. there was a big bath in one of their properties in which Lekhraj Kirpalani is accused of watching or bathing with the women half naked. Om Radhe, despite doing her best not to give straight answers, admits sitting affectionately in his lap as others did. All of this would shock and offend society today, never mind that of the 1930s and 1940s Sindi.

Note also how educated, professional and restrained the Om Mandli Bhaibund Committee is … how different from the Brahma Kumaris portrayal of them as ignorant and vicious. Note also it was not just “men versus women” as the BKs portray it, it was co-headed by a young, intelligent SIndi woman and included other Sindi women of good standing, and bear in mind all of this was carried out in a second language of English.

If the Om Mandli were to have happened today, it would have immediately have been closed down as being an abusive cult and an unsafe place for children. The hypnosis and trance, the bizarre use of “antimony” (magical kohl or eyeliner) by Kripalani and others, the encouragement of young girls … children … to run away from and disobey their parents. These are trends which have carried on to this day, e.g. it documents how wives are taught how to disobey and ‘detach’ their husbands, even to use violence to do so … I have had similar reports in the last few years. Within the Hindi community, it is said BKs Sisters conspire with each other not just to kick out their husbands but also use divorce laws to take properties etc.

Up until now, the Brahma Kumaris’ excuse was that God Shiva had incarnated and all these other evil people … devils, literally, were conspiring to stop his work. Well … now we know there was no God Shiva at this time, there was just Lekhraj Kirpalani playing at being Krishna, believing himself to be God Brahma and the Gita Sermoniser, and “higher than God” … quote-unquote.

Even now, the BKWSU will not admit how and when “God Shiva” was revealed, the meetings they had to re-write their religion, why they kept such a silent conspiracy over their past and what really went on. Nor answered to their followers and ex-followers why they lied to them and deceived them.

A few elite Western BKs like “academic” Tamasin Ramasay and others *might* be in on the discussions … who knows what the inner circle really say or get up to … the vast majority of Indian BKs are still being kept in the dark, still fed lies.

Cross referencing this book with other research being done, for example, the work the BKs are being forced to do, it is appearing to me that, again and again, Kripalani was not the original source of the religiousness and morality of the BKWSU and that there were other influences which have now been removed from the BKWSU by those following the Cult of Lekhraj. During my own BKWSU experience, I would always say that the like of Janki Kirpalani were infatuated and actually still infatuated with Lekhraj and it is from here that the cult of Lekhraj within the BK movement has grown.

Others are currently exploring the possible avenues that the “intelligence” of the Sakar Murlis did not flow from Lekhraj Kirpalani, and certainly not from Lekhraj Kirpalani alone, and that Om Radhe and the other earlier mediums had much to do with it. It may even be that BapDada is not who they say it is either. There are more surprising revelations to come.

I used to think the BKs were one of the better religions because of their standards. I have now found that it not true and I was duped. I was faced to accept they were a cult. I started to think they were like a feminine version of the Scientologists, opposite but equal. Now I see the early BKWSU on a par with a cult like “The Family” … so typical in every way of a cult. They were everything that was criticised of cults in the 70s.

It must have been very exciting for them but I think “evil” is afoot within.

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