Breaking up families

Do Brahma Kumaris break up families or split apart friends,  husbands and wives?

Yes. Brahma Kumaris have quite correctly been accused of interfering with other individuals’ marriages and bringing about the breaking up of families since the 1930s, every decade since and on every continent including even the family of the founder Lekhraj Kripalani. Unlike orthodox religions, as a celibate religion, its expansion has only come about by individuals leaving their families or by families converting to it. In the West, the latter is extremely rare.The BK Leadership has throughout their history been active in encourage and advising its adherents on how to achieve breaking heterosexual and homosexual partnerships.
Very specifically, yes, and gradually if necessary. Brahma Kumari leaders and other followers will give specific advice to males, but much more likely female adherents, on how to split apart from their partners.This will graduate from stopping physical and sexual contact and changing sleeping arrangements and has in some circumstances even involved support in initiating divorce proceedings. This has included avoiding skin contact, sleeping in separate rooms, refusing to eat food cooked by relatives, refusing to socialize or attend other religious events and so on.In other cases, this has involved senior sisters advising on how and when followers should satisfy their partners sexual demands until leaving them and even advice to have an abortion in order to avoid the distraction of having children. It is accurate to say that leading Brahma Kumaris have also left family, partners and children behind to join the group.

Some (daily) quotes from teachings, the author claims that he is God.

“To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children”.

“First your family than your friends become your enemies”.

“Continue to break your attachment to your body and bodily relations. Remember Me alone and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination”.

“There should be only the one Father, I, and no third person … If a third person enters your intellect, the third eye closes. Therefore, let the third eye remain constantly open. For this, remember that there should not be any third person.”
“For your own benefit forget all bodily relations. Do not have love for them. Only follow God’s directions and not your own. Protect yourself from bad company and stay in the company of God”.
” Everything depends on purity. Therefore, you have to take care not to sit next to and touch an impure person. Do not remember anything other than the sweet Father and the sweet kingdom”.
“Who are your best servants and slaves?
Natural calamities and the inventions of science through which the rubbish of the whole world will be cleared away. They are your best servants and slaves, those who become your helpers in cleansing everything. Then, all the elements of nature will be under your control”.
” Sweet children, in order to pass with good marks, you students must become active and make some effort. You students mustn’t become lazy. Lazy students are those who remember their friends and relatives throughout the day”.
“In order to attain your karmateet stage, forget your tail, the form of your body. Remember none of your friends or relatives. Just make effort to remember the one Father”.
” In order to make the soul pure, stay in a bhatthi in solitude. Do not remember any friends or
relatives apart from the one Father”.
“What are the signs of the children who have imbibed this knowledge and have shrewd
intellects? They have an interest in relating knowledge to others. Their intellects do not wander to
friends and relatives”.
” If you are making progress in your study, you experience lightness. It will remain in your
intellect that that is a dirty body and that you now have to shed it, that you now have to return
“Sweet children, this dirty world is now to be set on fire. Therefore, forget everything
including your body and that which you call yours. Do not attach your heart to this world”.
“Why does the Father inspire you to have distaste for this land of sorrow? Because you have to go to the land of peace and the land of happiness. You no longer have to stay in this dirty world. You understand that souls will become separate from their bodies and return home. Why should you look at those bodies? Therefore, your intellect should not be drawn towards anyone’s name or form. Even by having dirty thoughts, your status will be destroyed”.
“You must not remember anyone except the one Father in your final moments. In order to
achieve this, do not allow your heart to become attached to anyone. Do not have love for the
dirty bodies”.
“What directions does the Father give to Raja Yogi students? You are given the directions that, after belonging to the one Father, you must not allow your heart to become attached to anyone else. After making a promise to remain pure, you must never become impure. Become completely pure, so much that you automatically stay in constant remembrance of the Father and the Teacher. Have love for the one Father alone and remember Him alone and you will receive a great deal of power”.
“This is not a common class. You should not sit here with your eyes closed but continue to
look at the Teacher in front of you. You must not yawn. Yawning is a sign of sorrow”.
“Sweet children, you must not love any impure bodily beings because you are going to the
pure world. Have love for the one Father”.
“Whilst living in this kingdom of Ravan, let go of the code of conduct of the impure family
clan and the opinions of society and accept the things of the unlimited Father”.
” Do not have any exchange with impure souls. In order to go to heaven with honour,
you definitely do have to become pure”.
“Sweet children, this old world has nothing left to offer.   This is why you mustn’t let your
heart remain attached to it.  If you forget to have remembrance of the Father, there will be
“Why do you disobey one of the Father’s main directions! What is that direction? The Father’s direction is: Never accept personal service from anyone, because you yourselves are servants.   However, because of body consciousness, some of you disobey this direction  that the Father gives. Baba says: If you accept that happiness here, your happiness there will be reduced. Many of you children say that you want to be independent but, in fact, all of you depend on the Father”.
“If you make a mistake, pull your own ears there and then so that you don’t make the same
mistake again. Never become body conscious”.
” Remain truly faithful to the one Father. Sacrifice yourself to Him for as long as you live.
Don’t allow your heart to become attached to anyone else. Don’t do anything senseless”.
“Your intellect should not be pulled by the company, virtue or speciality of any one soul, and only thenwill you be said to be a pure karma yogi soul”.
” Which children will the Father welcome to His home? The Father will receive in His home the children who follow the Father’s directions very well, those who don’t remember anyone else, who break their intellect’s yoga away from all
their bodily relationships, including their own body, and who stay in remembrance of the one Father. The Father is now making you children into beautiful flowers and He will then welcome the flower children to His home”.
” Do not attach your heart to this old world. Forget everything you can see with your physical eyes”.
And so on.

32 thoughts on “Breaking up families

  1. Jay

    It is not a secret, it is a requirement to join the BK first place. If you do not like it then don’t do it.Who told you to join spiritual institution and change your mind after surrendering. Perhaps even if you change no body force you to practice. Just get going with your life, and accept the defeat.

  2. Eruch Wankadia

    This Brahmakumari cult should be stopped
    My wife has joined B.k. & my life is ruined since last 5 years. They are the greatest sinners on earth who are bent upon breaking families and peace of innocent people making their miserable under the false slogan of om shanti. I hate B.K. They should be banned.

    1. Neha

      Hi Eruch… I am stuck in a similar condition.. please let me know how to bring back my loved one from here. I am determined to do so at any cost.

      1. Kylie

        If your are Indian and if you understand Hindi then watch this video till the end.
        Brahma Kumari’s Exposed.


      This community is spoiling our Indian culture not only Indian culture all over the world are spoiled the relationship just spoiling the entire husband and wife father and mother cousin brother sister relationship it has become like a terrorist group in our country please stop this nonsense and entire Brahmakumari community all over the world should be closed otherwise it will take us out of this country world the nonsense there talking that any man can become God the husband can become brother to his wife can anyone believe this nonsense

  3. Devestated lady

    I am a catholic woman who married an Indian – who used to be a B.K, but then he stopped doing it, and now it seems as though he has returned to it. I don’t know what to do… our sex life is non existant, and he has stopped telling me he loves me. He doesn’t want to touch me or kiss me anymore. It is terrible. We have only been married for 6 months. I don’t know what to do. I want to leave him.

    1. Anita

      If anybody find a way to come out of this shit plz let me know😑 I m too in the same situation I hate them they runied my family

      1. nickname

        please contact with me, Dear owner of this site please give my mail address to this person, thanks…


        This is my Facebook account please watch this video I have explained what this bloody bramakumary is doing

      3. Kylie

        If your are Indian and if you understand Hindi then watch this video till the end.
        Brahma Kumari’s Exposed.

  4. Eruch

    B.K.Has ruined my life My wife ia totally brain washed. B K. Is sinner by breaking happy homes and are boasting of better life after death what nonsense. Can any B.K. prove this ?

    1. purushotham

      hi eruch iam a bk, my dear brother, why dont you think like a soul .bk dosent break happy homes this is not a nonsense this is truth icant prove this to you but when you become a bk you will be proved yourself

      1. ved prakash

        hi Purushottam, why should anyone become a BK? any one can get salvation through KARMA (basis of teachings of GITA) -which can be achieved by taking care of our own beings, loving and nurturing them, helping mankind. I think if i do this soulfully from my heart, i can achieve salvation or at least be happy for the whole life of 70-80 years GOD has blessed me with. Your teachings in BK is fake. Leaving family members and attaching themselves to so called PARMATAMA. I think attaching ourselves to all social beings (helping them, loving them, caring for them, give them basic needs,) is the best KARMA. If i give birth to a child, best KARMA is to love it, care for it, nurture it and make it a good man. Not make it join BK and follow your bullshit teachings of non marriage.

      2. Zena

        My family is ruined .My mother has gone berserk..after enteri g bramk..I.feel like shooting all the white dressed up frauds..why nobody is doing that..bull shit.


        ,you bloody Brahma Kumaris all are 420 people you can sleep with your brothers you can sleep with your sister

      1. BK

        Ha ha ha… Jinka rishta sirf sex per based tha unka toot Gaya aur achha hi hai jo esa rishta toot jaye jaha insaan se zada sex important ho…


      They are not only terrorist they are number one fraud people and spoiling a entirely our culture and relationship all over the world

  5. Naveen

    I have been with BRAHAMA-KUMARI organisation for 4 years passionately involved in day to day happenings.
    I had lots of conflicts in my mind but could not ask because of the statement made in MURLI that “One should have immense and total faith without raising any doubt by not questioning why what when and where from the organisation.
    Let’s see some facts
    USP to sell BRAHAMA-KUMARI concept:
    Everyone joined B.K are authorised to go to SATYUG no other from any other religion will get this opportunity. 21 years BADSHAHI will be given to only B. K’s student. (NO PROOF)
    The world is very soon to finish or end so whatever you have do not emphasis on ownership let everybody and everything go at bay only think of B.K knowledge. Very less time left to change. (NO PROOF).

    Believe certain facts without proof such as:
    If we do penance in B.K given guidelines, then we are assured to get Kingship for 21 birth from the day we are born in heaven. (Can we prove this – NO because there is no evidence one can question).
    God is soul and cannot be seen. I agree as he is called PARMATMA so be it that is he is PARAM AATMA. My question is we cannot see AATMA so how to prove that he has entered in any body. (Can we prove it – NO because no science can prove it).
    Last 7 times in PARAMATMA MILAN in which 3 times in ABU I found that God has not appeared:
    To start with in my first visit BABA Milan where baba’s supreme soul kept silent for long time then delivered the saying.
    During my second visit for BABA Milan DADI spoke from hospital and SHIV BABA soul entered DADI in hospital which is supposed to be dirty place for PAVITRA SOUL like SHIV BABA.
    In another instance at ABU, backdated video was played and all around the world B.K students thought that BABA came.

    1. Kylie

      If someone is claiming to be the God then you must the right to ask as many questions as might arise in your mind. Ever read Mahabharata? Krishna Claimed to be God and Arjuna questioned him directly about everything. Even showed his all Incarnations.
      Who said soul cant be seen? Krishna gave Arjuna the “Third Eye as similar to Shiva,” the he was able to see the soul of Bhishma Pitamaha.
      leave these.
      I would say if anyone claims that he or she is the God then ask him or her to show the God form as similar to what Krishna showed to Arjuna. If they can’t show then beat them.

      Thank you

  6. Sushma bhartiya

    Bk is fraud fools innocent people by saying God has arrived on earth…Their God is so careless He doesn’t come to meet his children even. after inviting 20,000 people to mt.abu..How can God be so irresponsible…they cutoff people. from family,friends and society…

  7. nickname

    dear sir please contact with me I know Brahma Kumaris has a hidden and dangerous for familiar values doctrine. And I know it has a meditation teacher who is living with astral sex with his studens without their permissions. He is very dangerous but many people thinks he is normal but the truth is different. We must to contact with you please. And everyone please contact to owner with this site if you know this hidden doctrine and astral abusing of this teacher of BK. And I he will send to me. I am requestingfrom owner to send them me . Thank you.

  8. BL

    Can we take on the BK? I am willing to lead.
    I also recommend a whatsapp group be formed. Existing BKs or supporters should not be admitted in this group.


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