BK rape Brahma Kumari leader absconds after forcing abortion

Just when you think it cannot get any worse … and what happens? The Times of India reports that a Brahma Kumari center-in-charge absconds from the police, yet again, following accusations of multiple sexual abuses at a BK centre … ending in a forced abortion.

Brahma Kumari center-in-charges absconding from the police is so common, it must be centralized advice coming from somewhere high up in the organization. In this case, it appears the BKs even moved in new center-wassis. The BKs are again labelled a cult.

Note too the BKWSU Mount Abu headquarters sending a big gun to “clear the ashram’s stand on the controversy” … which no doubt will mean bullshitting about the they are friends with the United Nations, know lots of famous people and handing out holy sweeties to journalists and policemen. BKs playing the Brahmin caste card …

So what do we make of all this?

Firstly, it is not the first time accusations have been made of sexual abuse within Brahma Kumari centers. Abuse of the unpaid young women the Brahma Kumari leaders encult goes from being the unpaid servants of rich male sponsors of centres, to outright sexual abuse and rape as, it would seem, in this case.

Secondly, it underlines an attitude to child birth and abortion that might surprise observers of the religion. I remember as long as 30 years ago the Kirpalani Klan advising a young Western adherent, who had gotten herself pregnant just before coming into The Knowledge, to have an abortion because having a child would be a burden and distract from her spiritual salvation, a salvation from the End of the World which was at that time going to happen around 1986.

Thirdly, it underlines who mafia like the BKs are when the **** hit the fan and how “Om Shanti” can so easily meanOmertà … and how vulnerable young women, utterly separated from their own real families, are bossed and bullied by center or regional-in-charges.

Brahmakumari ashram inmates claim ignorance on rape caseBHOPAL: Ashram inmates in Brahmakumari sect in Bhopal expressed ignorance about the incident of rape when Habibganj police station staff reached there on Thursday to hold investigations into the allegations made by a Chhatarpur-based woman of the cult that she was raped and later forced to abort by two persons from Bhopal ashram and one from Singrauli.

As the allegations were made in Chhatarpur, the police registered a case and later transferred it to Bhopal. A day after the case was transferred, the police started holding investigations into the allegations of the 25-year-old woman from Chhatarpur. The police also did not find the accused named in the case in Bhopal ashram located near Char Imli.

Police said the disciples from here left for Singrauli. Those who were present in Bhopal ashram belonged to different places across the country.

The complainant had on December 14 alleged in Chhatarpur that two associates of the ashram in Bhopal and one in Singrauli raped her and a woman disciple forced her to undergo abortion. The accused in the case are Awdesh Bahenji and Prembhai of Bhopal and Prasad Bhai of Singrauli.

Police said Awdesh Bahenji had also gone to Singrauli and it has been informed by disciples that she would return on December 29. The police also did not rule out the possibility of going to Singrauli if required.

Sources pointed that a senior associate of Brahmakumari Ashram is coming from Ahmedabad or Mount Abu to clear the ashram’s stand on the controversy.

Meanwhile, Singrauli police have also started their investigation and they went to the ashram there but Awdesh Bahenji fell ill and was admitted in a hospital there.

Brahma Kumari ashram head gives police the slip leaves Singrauli before arrestBHOPAL: The zonal head of Brahma Kumaris’ ashram at Singrauli, Awadhesh Behan, accused of forcing a 26-year old rape survivor to undergo abortion, gave a slip to the police and moved out of Singrauli town on Sunday citing ill-health. Awadhesh Behan left for Uttar Pradesh reportedly to get some pathological tests done, even before the complainant could reach Singrauli or the police could file a case against her.

Awadhesh Behan was admitted to the hospital and was undergoing treatment, ever since the woman lodged a complaint against her.

She was admitted to the NTPC hospital in Singrauli from December 17, onwards. It was on December 17, that the copy of the complaint lodged by the 26-year old woman in Chhatapur district reached Singrauli.

Sources said that since the survivor could not reach Singrauli, police was not able to frame case against the in charge of the ashram, Awadhesh Behan. However, hardly few hours before the arrival of the complainant at Singrauli, she moved out of the district.

“She has informed us, that as per referral by doctors she needs to get certain pathological tests done for which she was required to go to Uttar Pradesh. She has assured to return soon after the tests and present herself before the police,” in charge of women cell of police, Singrauli, Archana Tiwari told TOI.

“The girl arrived late in the evening so we could not have much discussion with her. But she would be taken to the ashram and her statement would once again be recorded, it is only on the basis of her statements and other evidences that further course of action would be taken,” Tiwari said.

Meanwhile, Singrauli police have arrested Prasad Bhai, who the complainant has accused with rape and while Bhopal police has launched a hunt to nab the other accused Prem Bhai, who has been accused of raping the woman in Bhopal ashram.

On, December 15, the woman, a resident of Chhatarpur district and who lived at various ashram of Brahma Kumaris since 2001, alleged that she was raped two times in two years during her stay at Singrauli and Bhopal ashrams and was also forced to undergo abortion. In her complaint to police she alleged that in 2010, she was raped by an employee of ashram Prasad Bhai in Singrauli, later she was forced to undergo abortion by Awadhesh Behan in Bhopal where she was raped by another employee named Prem Bhai in 2012.

However, rape is a hot topic in India right now following some horrendous and high profile cases. Pre- or extra-marital sex is still a taboo in many parts of the country.

Out of fairness and equanimity, one would have to ask the question, was it rape and serial sex abuse, or was it a “human needs” and a tragic love affair gone wrong, as in the Panipat case where a young Kumari burnt herself alive and BK center-wassis cleared away all the corpse and evidence before the police became involved? In some cases, an accusation of rape can be the only way for a woman to regain face after a consensual relationship. An abortion, the easy way to tidy un ‘inconvenient’ evidence.

At present, we don’t know … and you can guarantee on the BKWSU not providing more details.

Is the BK system of absolute abstinence … including even simple human love and affection … working? What human costs is their religious and caste role play worth?

One thing that does stand out for me in this is … as with the child sex abuse incidents … the victim was not just victimised by one offender, but more. The coincidences of such random victim abuse happening by chance to one individual are so minute, that both case suggest ‘rings’ or at least associations between the abusers.

Note also how these men are referred to as “employees”, not volunteers, adherents or sevadhari servants. It would seem the Brahma Kumaris wealth, and the employment of lower caste workers to perform menial tasks for the cult, is coming back to haunt them.

In their ambitions for power and wealth … the Brahma Kumaris have gone from “Quality” to “Quantity”, without sufficient safeguards and filters to protect the young women and children they encult into their Doomsday Sect. Have we yet to hear of a BK leader taking responsibility for such incidents or a center-in-charge being made an example of? I cannot think of any. Normally the BKs’ response to the victims is … “it’s their karma”.

It’s India. Plenty more unwanted young girls to be kept working 7 days a week unpaid where she came from.

Note the words of an Indian commentator on The Times website …

Sushil India (India) 24 Dec, 2013All Ashrams these scandals are so common .Only few comes in light .Otherwise most of them remain behind close doors .These are legal brothels .

Expect the BKs to work the media and for article to disappear as in the past. Please excuse me as I document copies for those in denial about the BK underbelly. Note BKs already in aggressive legal defence and accusing the police of improper procedure.The god of the BKs says to his devotees, “Not a hair on your head will be touched” and promises to protect them, “like a mother cat protects her kittens”.

Well, where was he this time … swanning around with wealthy businessmen and VIPs as usual? Or paying lawyers and paying off the judges with invitations to free holidays at their retreat centers?

If the BKs’ Baba’s promises and predictions are not consistent, if they keep failing time and time again … when are they ever worth anything? When can you ever believe him? Simple answer is … you cannot. It’s all BS.

Meanwhile, for those who care, senior bigwig BK, and general secretary of the BKWSU, Nirwair was taken 233 km to an intensive care unit in an Ahmedabad hospital with a serious heart condition. It seems he was put into a coma and on a ventilator … Br Nirwair’s Health Bulletin Report.

Weren’t the BKs claiming to have a cure for heart disease just a short while ago?

Cue lots of senior BKs travelling around India at donors’ expense and requests for prayers. No mention of the young female rape and abortion victim …

Sevadar of Brahma Kumaris ashram in Singrauli nabbedBHOPAL: A sevadar of Brahma Kumaris ashram in Singrauli was arrested on December 19, and produced before court on Friday, in connection with the alleged rape of a 26-year old woman during her tenure as sevika in the ashram. Meanwhile, the other accused in the case, who was allegedly working at Bhopal ashram of is still untraceable.

In charge of women cell of police in Singrauli said, “Prasad Bhai, an accused in the case was arrested late on Thursday evening and was presented before court on December 20. He was sent to jail by a local court”.

“At the same time, the zonal head of the Brahma Kumaris, Awadhesh Behan, who is accused of forcing the girl for undergoing abortion after rape, is undergoing treatment at NTPC hospital in Singrauli. However, we are keeping a close watch on her and police personnel have been deployed there also,” Tiwari said.

Our officials have also discussed with officials of Chhatarpur, for bringing the survivor girl to Singrauli, so that investigations could move forward. She is likely to be in town in the next few days, she said.

The other accused in the case, Prem Bhai, who worked at Bhopal ashram is still not traceable. Meanwhile, a delegation of the representatives of Brahma Kumaris, met the director general of police, Nandan Dubey and submitted a memorandum claiming, that allegations against the ashram inmates are baseless and police should have registered FIRs only after proper investigations.

On December 15, a 26-year-old woman has alleged that she was raped two times in a span of two years during her stay at Brahma Kumaris Ashram and was also forced to undergo abortion.

The survivor is the resident of Chhatarpur district. In her complaint the woman said that she has been working with the ashram since 2001, said police. She alleged in the complaint that during her stay at Singrauli, ashram in the year 2010, she was raped by an employee of the ashram named, Prasad Bhai.

Later when she became pregnant she complaint to the in-charge of the Brahma Kumaris Ashram at Bhopal, name Awdhesh Behan, she alleged. The survivor alleged that the Ashram in charge, called her to Bhopal and she was made to undergo abortion at a private hospital.

Again in year 2012, she was raped at Bhopal by an employee of the ashram named Prem Bhai but her complaints were not entertained at ashram, she alleged in her complaint to police.

Br Nirwair’s Health Bulletin Report 8 January 2014 – Second UpdateGreetings From Madhuban

This is to inform you that today (08 January 2014) at around 7.30 pm we received a message from Dr. Pratap Midha regarding further progress on Respected Nirwair Bhai ji’s health.

Below is the transcribed version of Dr. Midha’s Audio message that we received from ‘Apex Heart Insitute” Ahmedabad.
“Om Shanti. We are happy to share with you that Nirwair Bhai’s Progress is Good, His ventilatory support has been taken out and he is breathing on his own & his respiration, his blood pressure, everything is doing very well. He is fully alert & conscious.

During day time Dadi Gulzar had also come to visit him & it was a lovely scene. They had silent exchange of Drishti. Sarla Didi was also accompanying. Now he is able to take orally also. He has taken sips of water. He is alert and conscious. Everything is going well as per the Doctor’s expectations. Now he would be moved to his personal room maybe in a day & I am sure we will be sharing with you the good news. Thank You Very Much. Om Shanti”.
Requesting all to please continue sending powerful SAKAASH from your end. Om Shanti.

On Behalf Of Dr.Pratap Midha & Brother Karuna (BK Nikunj)
8 January 2014 – First Update

Greetings From Madhuban

This is to inform you that today (07 January 2014) at around 9.30 pm we received a message from Dr.Ashok Mehta & Brother Karuna ji regarding further progress on Respected Nirwair Bhai ji ‘s health.

Below is the transcribed version of Dr.Mehta’s Audio message that we received from ‘Apex Heart Insitute” Ahmedabad. “This is about the health of Nirwair Bhai. Today he is progressing well. He is still in Intensive Care Unit. He is also on Ventilator. But his blood pressure is well maintained with lower doses of supports & his ventilatary support is relatively less then what it was yesterday. His urine output is good, his consciousness level is very good, he is responding, opening his eye, and otherwise I think over and all he is progressing very well. In another couple of days he should be off the ventilator as well as all other supports. Om Shanti”.

Transcribed version of Brother Karuna’s Audio message that we received from ‘Apex Heart Insitute” Ahmedabad after he met Nirwair Bhai. “On behalf of you all, I went to see Nirwair Bhai and greeted him with an Om Shanti. He reciprocated by opening his eyes and smiled and expressed his gratitude to you all. All your blessings, affections & love are reaching here. I believe in a couple of days he will be as normal as we all are. Om Shanti.”

Requesting all to please continue sending powerful SAKAASH from your end. Om Shanti.

On Behalf Of Dr.Ashok Mehta & Brother Karuna

7 January 2014

Sweetest BapDada’s jewels of light being sustained by BapDada’s sweet sustenance, Brothers and Sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept special love and remembrances from Ahmedabad.

This is to inform you that on 6 January evening, our specially beloved senior Brother Nirwairji’s health was not so good and therefore, had to be taken to Ahmedabad to be admitted at the Apex Heart Institute at around 2.30am today. According to Dr. Pratap Midha, Nirwairbhai had very high blood pressure and fluctuating pulse rate. Senior doctors in Ahmedabad gave him emergency treatment to stablise all parameters.

At present, Nirwairbhai is under observation of a team of expert doctors. His condition is stable, and the doctors are waiting for further improvement to conduct further investigations. We will continue to keep you all informed of further information by e-mail from time to time.

It is our special request to all of you that you send powerful sakaash from your own places to our divine Brother to help him recover as quickly as possible.

In Baba’s Yaad,
Dr Partap and Br Karuna

Meanwhile, a delegation of the representatives of Brahma Kumaris, met the director general of police, Nandan Dubey and submitted a memorandum claiming, that allegations against the ashram inmates are baseless and police should have registered FIRs only after proper investigations.Instead of playing these legal games, the right course of action for the BKWSU would be to do everything possible to assist police with their investigations, and if allegations are shown to be true, to offer what co-operation they can for a successful prosecution.p

When they become legalistically defensive/aggressive like this … and I have had direct person experience of it… they can behave awfully conceitedly and trickily. There’s an element within them who really think they are above the law or common decency.

When they started their legal case against us, one came telling us how Dadi Janki wanted to stop the matter and how he wanted to help us … and then the information we gave to them, went straight back to their attorney to be used against us. They came to use offering conciliation, and then when we provided what they asked for (proof of a center-in-charge having a marital and sexual relation within the BKWSU), they turned it around and accused us of trying to blackmail them!!!

One would *never* trust anyone of them again. They are too under the control of the personal influence of the Seniors. Even good ones are afraid to stand out and take a moral or ethical stance.

Western BKs waffle on about how the BKs are feminist or spiritual, or whatever … but they don’t realise just how much the BKs leaders in India are playing the caste game too by asserting themselves to be “Brahmins”. That is my opinion. And I dare say by now they have a small army of enculted advocates and magistrates to argue on their behalf. Men of a certain age who get off on “protecting” “their women”.

From this brief summary of what FIRs are, you see the game they are playing. The victim being put in the spotlight and expected jump through hoops.

But that’s the worldly aspect … I am more interested in the other worldly or spiritual aspect. Why did not their Baba protect this woman?

Or does the god BKWSU only protect the chosen few? If so, and he has magic curative powers, why did not he protect Nriwair? What “protected” Nirwair, was the money to ship him to Ahmedabad … and given it’s more than 4 hours drive, I am wondering if they spent the money, or pulled strings to fly him?

To paraphrase Epicurus, if the god of the BKs cannot protect his flock, why does he say he can in the Murlis … and would a god who cannot protect his flock, say he could? If not, is he a god?

First Information Report

An First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by police in India when they receive information about a cognizable offence. It is generally a complaint lodged with the police by the victim of said cognizable offense, or by someone on his or her behalf, but anyone can make such a report either orally or in writing to the police.

An FIR is an important document because it sets the process of criminal justice in motion. It is only after the FIR is registered in the police station that the police take up investigation of the case. Anyone who knows about the commission of a cognizable offence, including police officers, can file an FIR.

When information about the commission of a cognizable offence is given orally, the police must write it down. The person giving information or making a complaint has a right to demand that the information recorded by the police be read to him or her.

Once the information has been recorded by the police, it must be signed by the person giving the information.

In India, after an FIR has been filed the contents of the FIR cannot be changed except by a ruling from the High Court or the Supreme Court of India.

13 thoughts on “BK rape Brahma Kumari leader absconds after forcing abortion

  1. P Tulasaya Reddy

    Really God is not present at any centre, or any in-charge of centre, you can easily pray the God in your own home also and you get all energies from Shiva Baba from your home also. So do not bother about B K Centre or another, but do faith at God. He is somewhere, where his actually living place that is our holy body, there it is living a soul in our body it is right, first we have to recognize about soul, then you go to search for God.

    Unnecessarily time should not be passed to moving with the B K B’s or s’s they are also a living persons like us, till they have also not changed him selves but by pressurize they come to change to the others, which causes many incident for want of sexual desirous. It is not to easy to control with living in this present world, but we can do it slowly, according to my opinion, I will send all BK B’s & S’s by this message that please do not pressure to the any one to control the elements, go them gradually with gyan, yoga or dharana will vanish automatically by the grace of God.

  2. abhiramibs

    See….simply alleging some one is so simple…..just visit 1 centre…n u will know the true knowledge in 7 days….no one claims that sis or bro are god….n if u sdvice not to visit centre……why do people visit temples…..

  3. Aakash

    Please do not speak negative about BK’s. The news in the media is always not the truth. There is no rape cases in BK Ashram what so ever. It is all stories cooked up by the rivals for their personal motive.

    Strict follower of BK won’t commit ay such act. The news is a deliberate act to tarnish the image of the BK Ashram.


      Are you 100% sure?Who are the rivals? They are also children of Baba like you.Strict or faithful following should not result in encouraging rapes/rapists,wrong doers etc..God has given you also eyes,ears and brain and supreme directions by way of “Murlis”.Why are you not using them?You have got every right and it is your utmost duty to raise voice against tortured souls – victims of evil doers who operate as a gang and secretly do the damage to the victimized souls using all VIP supports,false teachings,Evil minded but very popular and respected seniors ,Muscle power, Social Contacts,Money power etc.

    2. Ashish

      What do know really about bk. I m also suffering from same problem. Before some time i also join bk center to know about bk jst because of my wife as she is big fan of bk. But after join center i knew this only the way to mind wash of people for add them in bk group.
      It is requested please dont spoil any others marriage life using bk’s name

  4. Vee Jay Attri

    It is indeed very unfortunate that such incidents happen in a wonderful spiritual institution. I am not connected with the institution, but I know well the greatness of the senior members, the Dadi and other senior sisters, who had sacrificed their lives in service of the humanity. Their dedication and integrity are unquestionable.
    Surely any large institution can have such challenges. There is no need for people who are in-charge of centres to be defensive. Thousands of people come and go to the worldwide centres of Brahma Kumaris, but one cannot know all the time what their motives are. And it is difficult to have a constant vigil on anyones activity. So when such untoward incidents happen, rather than getting tense and making wrong moves, the in-charge sisters should co-operate with police and allow legal procedures to happen without hindrance. This is the wise thing to do.
    Brahma Kumaris should not forget that, after all it is God’s work, and that where there is Truth, there will be victory.
    For the brothers who have to force themselves into celibacy without inner purification, there are many schools such as Pranic Healing that offer help to transmute sexual energy that will support their spiritual journey.

  5. Bhupesh

    it is all bogus…BKs are claiming for decades about the end of the world followed by satyuga which is round the corner. But nothing happened for so long.. people especially single men thrown away their lives just to fuel this heavy duty cult

  6. Prabhat Kumar Brahma

    Dear Abhiramibs,
    People who have poor concentration, can not concentrate in gon at home. Hence they visit temples for isolation from home. What do you mean by temple? Where you get true spiritual feelings, holy and uncommon welcome to spiritual devotion is a true temple. Our ancestors and vedic yogis, Lord Buddha, Mahrshi Balmiki, and the saints have never opted the temples for spiritual meditation. Hence all the temples and gurus are not corruption free. Similarly all BKs are not holy devotees and overcome their sexual desire. Where there is beauty and sex sexual activities can not be dispensed with. Police cases are not false. Place and dates are given. If you are a true devotee of BKs find the truth from the police files and the victims. It will give you a moral support how for to belive them. Further all the Bks have joined the organisation in different circumstances. Instead of supporting the wrong activities of few, they should be filtrated by the organisation to establish transperancy. I have also some bright examples. One of my friend treated his wife as his sister after joining BKs. Some were visiting to interact with the beautiful Kumaries one of them was in 2way love with one of the sisters. We should not rigid with our imotional feelings. Every thing is possible. Lord Sai Baba could not predict his own death, Dibya Jyoti Guru Asutosh Maharaj did not return from Samadhi and so called Bapu Asharam is in jail. God has given us mortal 6 senses but 5 are mortal and 1 is imortal and spiritual. We must devlop our 6th sense to know GOD, I believe.

  7. Arun Kumar

    There is no such thing as Brahmkumari Doctrine …..If you go through properly …it is purely VishishtAdvaitva Vaad of Ramanujan ..except one fact that Shiva has been made supreme power instead of Vishnu in BK …..people should know that BKs BABA ( Prajapita Brhama ) of BKs was actually follower of Vaishnavism.

    Actually i sincerely tried to learn about concept of GOD and salvation in BK teachings …I came to know that they have same content as VishishtAdvaitva Vaad of Ramanujan in different packing….although I am still saying that Teachings itself are great but they are not original of BKs , instead we should say are borrowed…..And when you borrow sth , you cannot claim yourself an exclusive path for Spiritual Peace and Salvation.

    Although borrowing from Vishistadvatva is not crime or bad ….but i am against of worshipping a Human as GOD.


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