BREAKING! BK involved in massive fraud.

  That the Brahma Kumaris benefit from fraudulent tax and financial activities is a matter of fact. Finding and following the money trail up slippery poles, across greased palms and behind closed doors is more rare.
This is … possibly … the clearest and biggest of such controversy yet and makes a mockery of the BKs’ claim to “purity” unless, of course, there is such a thing as “pure fraud”. If anyone has any further information, especially about the ownership of the Om Shanti Studios, Peace of Mind TV properties etc, please post it.

mohan-india BK Jagmohan Garg, Brahma Kumaris follower and one of their “business experts”, is named as owner of the Brahma Kumaris Om Shanti Studio and founder of the BKs’ ‘Peace of Mind channel’. He has been implicated in massive NSEL fraud called the “NSEL crisis” which was splashed all over media internationally last year.

The NSEL was the “National Spot Exchange” of India and the scam worth an estimated Rs. 5600 crore or nearly US$1 billion. It came to light after the NSEL failed to pay its investors. It was discovered that most of the underlying commodities did not exist, and the buying and the selling of commodities like steel, paddy, sugar, ferrochrome was being conducted only on paper. In short, a sort of Ponzi scheme

A special anti-money laundering court in Dehli froze Rs 126 crore (approx USD $19,782,000) assets of Garg’s ‘Mohan India Group’ and held that BK Jagmohan Garg of Mohan India deceived investors into putting money in NSEL sugar showing bogus warehouses and warehouse receipts.  Mohan India is said to be one of the large defaulters in the scam, with an initial liability of Rs 950 crore (approx USD $152,000,000). Bribes were paid to trash income tax and other government officials to evade taxes and the money allegedly came from the defaulting Delhi-based company.

The mess, affecting over 60,000 small investors, is ongoing.

What becomes more interesting is … do you remember that shopping mall that the BK Dadis were involved in opening? One of Mohan India’s ventures is Mera Baba Reality projects, builders of shopping malls … “Mera Baba”, usually written ‘Meera Baba’, is a blatant BKism meaning “my sweet Baba”, as in their godspirit. One of Mohan India’s ventures is Mera Baba Reality projects, builders of shopping malls … “Mera Baba”, usually written ‘Meera Baba’, is a blatant BKism meaning “my sweet Baba”, as in their godspirit.


Delhi based Mohan India and its Sister concern Tavishi Enterprises led by Jagmohan Garg & J.S Srivastava as company directors. The group companies are promoted by an influential business family from north-west Delhi.

The group was one of the Defaulters in NSEL Exchange. As per media reports, the company had bought 2,16,324 tonnes of sugar for Rs 605.2 crore in the year between 2011-12. The total earned profit was approximately Rs.2,044 crore.

During the recent NSEL crisis, Mohan India Group was one of the major defaulter of NSEL crisis, Close to Rs. 600 crore, out of Rs. 852 crore that they got, were paid to several unrelated bodies and close Rs. 200 crore to related entities.

More appallingly, Jagmohan Garg, had diverted investors monies to several ventures such as the five star hotel – Radisson, real estate properties viz. Mera Baba Reality projects in Pitampura and Rohini, and a lot more.

Jagmohan Garg swindled these funds from these known related entities to unrelated entities.As per Media reports It is also said that the money was siphoned off after having been laundered. What emanated out of it was that all the money was directed to the political leaders, those who backed them.

In October, 2013, Mohan India agreed to pay Rs.771 crore as final settlement, out of its combined obligation and the deal safeguarded by asset mortgages and penal clauses for the delayed payment obligations.

At present Mohan India is one of the largest defaulters of NSEL and Mr. Jagmohan Garg and Jai Shankar Srivastava have yet to honour their obligation.

These habitual defaulters are using their clout to safeguard their ill-gotten assets from money laundered through the Exchange. But the law is catching up fast with such financial criminals and justice should be delivered soon.

Mohan India’s proclaimed divinity – Faking morals

Is it mysterious reality or pretence? Inscrutability to deceive heightened, when divinity flagrantly boasted power all the time, unto everybody’s illusion. Can changing clad, eluding talks of renounced acquisitiveness and deluding charisma leading to gluttony make people believe that can be unbelievable and impossible?

The answer is, relatively, ‘yes’; whilst we dwell in the phase ruled by the pedigree of a section of elite, pseudo-transformed as ‘Babas’ – the idiomatic appellation for suchlike, glorify themselves to be spiritually elevated and avow to possess powers to reverse misery to prosperity. Are there instances of miracles that may have mutated plight to prims? It is, for the most part, a perception. They capitalise the gullibility of the impoverished strata that tend to be desperate for such short-term solace providers; treachery inhabits in the latter most of the time, which they are oblivious of.

Self-styled demigods have gained dominion over millions of vulnerable – ready to get preyed, for pecuniary benefits of the former. In the past, many have been implicated for criminal acts like land encroachments, molestation and several heinous offences. Either Netagiri is the blazing aspiration for them or thriving on the mantle of political heavyweights has been their lumber room. Perhaps the more the criminal charges they face the bigger is their heirloom and authority in Babagiri.

Recently, numerous gangsters turned self-professed Babas have battalions of armed soldiers and guards, resisting law enforcing authorities when approached to be apprehended, for illegal and miscreant acts. The soul remains unchanged, just the superficial bluster gets added. They are some of the typical hoodwinkers that trick people to ascend the sovereignty of wealth, even if it is others’ hard earned fortune.

Now, it’s the sphere of Babas with a veneer of sophistication, resonating corporate culture in baba-ism. One of the major defaulters in the NSEL crisis, Mohan India Group has looked for all stealth recourses to evade pay-outs, illegitimately earned by dwindling NSEL’s trading clients and NSEL itself. Stockpiled wealth, breaching trust of several investors and NSEL, Jagmohan Garg, promoter of Mohan India group owns gluts of properties, most of them spun in with the money earned there, rupturing their trust.

Jagmohan Garg has been a devoted disciple of Prajapati Brahmakumari. A facile façade preaching values and morality has been a shrouding disposition of his, which many may not be aware of. What a paradox; this approach has been to serve as a camouflage, perhaps, to guzzle up others’ wealth and possessions.

Among his possessions are several profit making ventures in hospitality, entertainment and money spinning properties. His Mera Baba Reality has numerous projects in its realm viz. D-Mall in Pritampura and Rohini in New Delhi.

He owns a studio named Om Shanti studio for production of contents for a channel called “Peace of Mind”, created for broadcasting Brahmakumari’s teachings; he is also a founding member of this channel.

He owns several other properties which include Radisson Hotel – a five star grade and S P Goenka School in Delhi. All of those were attached by the EOW of Mumbai Police.

Mohan India two-times – Diverted investors’ monies to own properties

Even inveterate swindlers would be stumped whilst deciphering the magnitude of the deceit orchestrated by Mohan India Group, who gave a hoot to people’s investments and their stakes. A lot has been said and written about them in the previous blogs and several other platforms across the media vents that now people have fallen in impasse of words and expressions to narrate the synchronised betraying demeanour of the group, largely.

Perpetuation of spiralling properties after properties to possess was the heaving desire of the promoters of Mohan India group.

On the whole, as in the previous blog, we saw the deceptive divinity of Jagmohan Garg and how he portrayed insincerely for pecuniary benefits in the illusory garb of spiritual discourses and creating means for all of that. With the money spun in from NSEL’s investors, he generated real estate properties, studios and so on.

As buyer of 216,324 tonnes of sugar – Mohan India group was one of the major borrowers of NSEL. Close to Rs. 600 crore, out of the Rs. 852 crore that they got, were paid to several unrelated bodies and close Rs. 200 crore to related entities. More appallingly, Jagmohan Garg, it is said, had diverted investors’ monies to several ventures such as the five star hotel – Radisson, real estate properties viz. Mera Baba Reality projects in Pritampura and Rohini and a lot more, and all of those were turned away into these ventures from the money that returned from the related entities to unrelated entities. It is also said that the money was siphoned off after having been laundered. What emanated out of it was that all the money was routed to the political big cheeses that backed them.

In October, 2013, Mohan India agreed to pay Rs.771 crore as final settlement, out of its combined obligation and the deal safeguarded by asset mortgages and penal clauses for the delayed payment obligations. Around 500 acres of land in Bikaner belonging to Mohan India was securitised, along with a bungalow plot admeasuring 14,000 Sq.yard in New Delhi. A promise made by him to liquidate gold worth Rs. 14 crore to pay back investors was breached along with the terms of agreement by Mohan India Group; thus the group flunked in living up to the agreement terms of final settlement.

Jai Shankar Srivastav, Jagmohan Garg’s associate, as we’ve seen in the previous blogs, owned luxury cars like Audi 7, Mercedes SUV, Bentley and Fortuner, besides gifting some exclusive cars to the then colluding officials of NSEL and their relatives. The vehicles in Jai Shankar’s possession have already been attached by the EOW of Mumbai Police.

The joke is, on the BK “Divine Life” website, BK Jagmohan Garg says …

Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge is the source of income. Knowledge is light and might. Knowledge acts like a sword which help you fight all the obstacles. But all these are only possible when you remember, churn and apply it in your practical life.

The even bigger joke is the Brahmakumaris preach that money, like food, can transfer spiritual vibrations and hence they have claimed for decades not to accept donations from “impure” (non-BK) individuals.

And yet it seems the very foundations of these ventures is based on blatant fraud. Nothing new really … “birds of a feather flock together”.

Strangely I have not heard of any response from the Brahma Kumaris PBIVV about said allegations yet and the International Office of the BKWSU (aka Sister Jayanti Kirpalani) refuses to answer any questions about what goes on in India washing her hands of any responsibility … whilst, it seems, financing its operations to the sum of over £500,000 per year and accepting funds from it.*

* (We have yet discovered exactly *how* Sister Jayanti finances her international jetset lifestyle as she is allegedly not paid any salary by the BKWSU (UK) charity … which, again, the trustees of the BKWSU UK refuse to explain).

Garg’s partner, Jai Shankar Srivastava Director of Mohan India, is reported to enjoy and pamper himself in the company of escorts at his up market hotels … “Mohan India Director Srivastava spends on escorts; NSEL traders’ dues remain unsettled” (I have no way to confirm the veracity of such allegations – these might just be ordinary young girls – but they are represented as starting point for further research).

See also, India Today … e.g Rs.6.74 crore was used for buying vehicles, Rs.6.15 crore for buying gold.

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  1. Tanita

    BK poltergeist in UK. Evil Sindhi man thinks he is baba demon, totally ruling people’s lives with iron rod. Can anyone get my soul from him? Devil has taken my soul, please help. Thanks

  2. mukta

    Hello sir,

    I have some proof (evidence) about massive fraud which i want to publish here so please give ur id so that i can send you those docments


    1. PRAKASH

      Hillo sir
      I am disappointed to read about this.Pl send the details so that i can take up with the centre .BK centre is taking free service for supply of RATION VEGETABLE ELECTRICITY BILLS AND OTHER FREE SERVICES.iN ADDITION AS PER BABA INSTUCTIONS (AS BK SAYS) RS 1 PER PERSON WHO ATTENDS THE MURLY ON VERY THURSDAYS . I think that is rasonable because on every thursday on 8800 centres about 50 people atteding the murly will fetch them around rs 8 lacs.Whis is not suffiecient to maintain all the centres and therefore they can inc rease to rs 10 and make it self sustaintable.This suggesion Igave the centre where i have recently started atteding..
      2.In addion I would like to look in to the cases of BK JAGMOHAN GARG FRAUD CASE AND JAI SHANKER SRIVASTVA OF MOHAN INDIA.

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  4. Prem

    Brahma Kumaris destroy young youth future, by brainwashing them by giving them seven days course. Its followed by sweet words and talk by this teachers, in beginning they speak sweet offer sweets, slowly they make us work as salve in name of shiv baba sava, they degrade us, start demanding donations frequently in name of bhogs, flat rent, electricity bills, miscellenous expenses such as vegetables, food grains, fruits, dry foods, ghee, all expensive foods. This BK sisters are gold diggers. One instance I remember one bk sister used to visit one old rich man home in Mumbai to give gods preaching in his last days, she brain washed him and get laxoury house in her name and crorer rupees in her account after one year she transfer it in her brother name. Its is one example many so called surrender Brahma Kumar’s in mount Abu, takes hidden donations in forms of property and services to favour their family members.

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