Rape and abortion confirmed

BK_Patna_Rape_maleRape and abortions since confirmed by police medical investigation.

PATNA: County’s one of the most well-known “Godly University”, which offers courses that focus on the benefits of moral and spiritual approaches to life was defamed on Monday. In a shocking incident, a 22-year-old spiritual leader Brahma Kumari was allegedly raped for four years by a sewak on the pretext of marriage at the famous Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya here.

Sewak Lallan has been accused of raping the spiritual leader. The shameful incident came to light on Monday when the victim along with members of Prem Youth organisation reached Mahila Police station and reported the matter.
The victim alleged that she was not the only Brahmakumari to have faced the sexual assault, but there were also many other, who were going through the shameful act.
Moreover, the brahmakumari was also threatened of dire consequences by the sewak.
She informed that she had reported about the matter to Brahmakumari Anju, who heads the Fatuha located University but to no avail.
Whereas, Brahmakumari rubbished the allegations on Monday. “All the allegations are false,” adding, “The 22-year old was accused of misconduct and expelled from the University sometime back.”
Notably, Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)is a well known spiritual value based educational institution that has gained global acceptance and unique international recognition. One of the most famous faces of Brahmakumari Sisters, “Brahmakumari Shivani” has given many speeches about ‘Art of Joyful Living’ at several reputed institutes including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

Can anyone find out any more information about this?

What’s hypocritical about it is that so many of the BKs Western Elite have dropped their knickers and partnered up or married off, but still get called back for public events and are used for service … one rule for rich and light skinned, another for the poor and dark?

Brahmakumari raped for 4 years at Patna BK Centre: confirmed

The accused in the BK Patna Rape Case has absconded. This is so typical. Every time some serious crime or event happens, e.g. when that girl was either murdered or committed suicide by burning herself to death in Panipat and the BK got rid of the corpse, this is precisely what happens … the BKs abscond like the leadership just gives them “Shrimat” to run away (in previous cases they have turned up at other BK centers), or it is just a typical Indian thing … it’s so easy to just disappear in India and evade Indian’s underfunded police force. Of course, I would not be at all surprised in the BK leadership does.

Where are the Brahma Kumaris “values” now?

brahmakumariThe Center in-charge of the Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya University in Fatuha, Rani Didi, at a press conference in Patna on Tuesday denied charges of sexual abuse of students saying the woman making such allegations was lying and had been expelled from the institute nearly six months ago.”Charges against me and two officials of the institute are completely baseless and are being made out of personal vendetta by the 19-year old woman,” Rani Didi said adding both the woman in question and the man had voluntarily joined the institute and no sexual abuse took place as alleged by the woman.

As reported, the 19-year old woman, in an FIR with the Kankarbagh police station, stated that she was forced to have sex with a man named Lallan Kumar.”I was forced to sleep with him and have sex with him despite my resistance to such activities. The institute lures naïve girls and women into taking admission and then force them into flesh trade catering to high profile politicians and other clients,” the woman told the police.

The accuser was sent to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) for a physical test to determine the veracity of her claims, police said. Meanwhile, authorities are searching for Lallan Kumar who is said to be absconding.

Meanwhile, the charm offensive goes BK Maureen Chen of Sydney, Australia meets the Governor of Patna and his wife at Raj Bhawan


Maureen Chen is a BK from Sydney, Australia and has been a Meditation Teacher with the Brahma Kumaris for 34 years. She was based in Hong Kong for 21 years, travelling throughout Asia and spent 4 years in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Maureen is now based in India working with the BKs’ PR campaign called the “Future of Power” project and networking with government leaders in all states of India.

The BKs must be organizing work visa for these people now. I wonder who pays for them, or if they are just spending their retirement in a warm, comfortable place with lots of BK servants to look after them?

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4 thoughts on “Rape and abortion confirmed

  1. shakti

    In the first av-vani of 21-1-69 Bapdada says that : Antim naara hai “Bharatmata shiv-shakti avataar”….when this Bharatmata will reveal Father shivbaba in the near future, then half-truth philosophy of bkwsu will be revealed to the world.


    Is there any person who investigates such heinous crimes at several places of the institute?is information collected and kept for reference ?

  3. Tanita

    Abuse of mind and body is common in this cult, poltergeists is their true identity. They steal your soul and your life becomes theirs. Full stop. No way out, or else.


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