BREAKING! BK involved in massive fraud.

  That the Brahma Kumaris benefit from fraudulent tax and financial activities is a matter of fact. Finding and following the money trail up slippery poles, across greased palms and behind closed doors is more rare.
This is … possibly … the clearest and biggest of such controversy yet and makes a mockery of the BKs’ claim to “purity” unless, of course, there is such a thing as “pure fraud”. If anyone has any further information, especially about the ownership of the Om Shanti Studios, Peace of Mind TV properties etc, please post it.

mohan-india BK Jagmohan Garg, Brahma Kumaris follower and one of their “business experts”, is named as owner of the Brahma Kumaris Om Shanti Studio and founder of the BKs’ ‘Peace of Mind channel’. He has been implicated in massive NSEL fraud called the “NSEL crisis” which was splashed all over media internationally last year.

The NSEL was the “National Spot Exchange” of India and the scam worth an estimated Rs. 5600 crore or nearly US$1 billion. It came to light after the NSEL failed to pay its investors. It was discovered that most of the underlying commodities did not exist, and the buying and the selling of commodities like steel, paddy, sugar, ferrochrome was being conducted only on paper. In short, a sort of Ponzi scheme

A special anti-money laundering court in Dehli froze Rs 126 crore (approx USD $19,782,000) assets of Garg’s ‘Mohan India Group’ and held that BK Jagmohan Garg of Mohan India deceived investors into putting money in NSEL sugar showing bogus warehouses and warehouse receipts.  Mohan India is said to be one of the large defaulters in the scam, with an initial liability of Rs 950 crore (approx USD $152,000,000). Bribes were paid to trash income tax and other government officials to evade taxes and the money allegedly came from the defaulting Delhi-based company.

The mess, affecting over 60,000 small investors, is ongoing.

What becomes more interesting is … do you remember that shopping mall that the BK Dadis were involved in opening? One of Mohan India’s ventures is Mera Baba Reality projects, builders of shopping malls … “Mera Baba”, usually written ‘Meera Baba’, is a blatant BKism meaning “my sweet Baba”, as in their godspirit. One of Mohan India’s ventures is Mera Baba Reality projects, builders of shopping malls … “Mera Baba”, usually written ‘Meera Baba’, is a blatant BKism meaning “my sweet Baba”, as in their godspirit.


Delhi based Mohan India and its Sister concern Tavishi Enterprises led by Jagmohan Garg & J.S Srivastava as company directors. The group companies are promoted by an influential business family from north-west Delhi.

The group was one of the Defaulters in NSEL Exchange. As per media reports, the company had bought 2,16,324 tonnes of sugar for Rs 605.2 crore in the year between 2011-12. The total earned profit was approximately Rs.2,044 crore.

During the recent NSEL crisis, Mohan India Group was one of the major defaulter of NSEL crisis, Close to Rs. 600 crore, out of Rs. 852 crore that they got, were paid to several unrelated bodies and close Rs. 200 crore to related entities.

More appallingly, Jagmohan Garg, had diverted investors monies to several ventures such as the five star hotel – Radisson, real estate properties viz. Mera Baba Reality projects in Pitampura and Rohini, and a lot more.

Jagmohan Garg swindled these funds from these known related entities to unrelated entities.As per Media reports It is also said that the money was siphoned off after having been laundered. What emanated out of it was that all the money was directed to the political leaders, those who backed them.

In October, 2013, Mohan India agreed to pay Rs.771 crore as final settlement, out of its combined obligation and the deal safeguarded by asset mortgages and penal clauses for the delayed payment obligations.

At present Mohan India is one of the largest defaulters of NSEL and Mr. Jagmohan Garg and Jai Shankar Srivastava have yet to honour their obligation.

These habitual defaulters are using their clout to safeguard their ill-gotten assets from money laundered through the Exchange. But the law is catching up fast with such financial criminals and justice should be delivered soon.

Mohan India’s proclaimed divinity – Faking morals

Is it mysterious reality or pretence? Inscrutability to deceive heightened, when divinity flagrantly boasted power all the time, unto everybody’s illusion. Can changing clad, eluding talks of renounced acquisitiveness and deluding charisma leading to gluttony make people believe that can be unbelievable and impossible?

The answer is, relatively, ‘yes’; whilst we dwell in the phase ruled by the pedigree of a section of elite, pseudo-transformed as ‘Babas’ – the idiomatic appellation for suchlike, glorify themselves to be spiritually elevated and avow to possess powers to reverse misery to prosperity. Are there instances of miracles that may have mutated plight to prims? It is, for the most part, a perception. They capitalise the gullibility of the impoverished strata that tend to be desperate for such short-term solace providers; treachery inhabits in the latter most of the time, which they are oblivious of.

Self-styled demigods have gained dominion over millions of vulnerable – ready to get preyed, for pecuniary benefits of the former. In the past, many have been implicated for criminal acts like land encroachments, molestation and several heinous offences. Either Netagiri is the blazing aspiration for them or thriving on the mantle of political heavyweights has been their lumber room. Perhaps the more the criminal charges they face the bigger is their heirloom and authority in Babagiri.

Recently, numerous gangsters turned self-professed Babas have battalions of armed soldiers and guards, resisting law enforcing authorities when approached to be apprehended, for illegal and miscreant acts. The soul remains unchanged, just the superficial bluster gets added. They are some of the typical hoodwinkers that trick people to ascend the sovereignty of wealth, even if it is others’ hard earned fortune.

Now, it’s the sphere of Babas with a veneer of sophistication, resonating corporate culture in baba-ism. One of the major defaulters in the NSEL crisis, Mohan India Group has looked for all stealth recourses to evade pay-outs, illegitimately earned by dwindling NSEL’s trading clients and NSEL itself. Stockpiled wealth, breaching trust of several investors and NSEL, Jagmohan Garg, promoter of Mohan India group owns gluts of properties, most of them spun in with the money earned there, rupturing their trust.

Jagmohan Garg has been a devoted disciple of Prajapati Brahmakumari. A facile façade preaching values and morality has been a shrouding disposition of his, which many may not be aware of. What a paradox; this approach has been to serve as a camouflage, perhaps, to guzzle up others’ wealth and possessions.

Among his possessions are several profit making ventures in hospitality, entertainment and money spinning properties. His Mera Baba Reality has numerous projects in its realm viz. D-Mall in Pritampura and Rohini in New Delhi.

He owns a studio named Om Shanti studio for production of contents for a channel called “Peace of Mind”, created for broadcasting Brahmakumari’s teachings; he is also a founding member of this channel.

He owns several other properties which include Radisson Hotel – a five star grade and S P Goenka School in Delhi. All of those were attached by the EOW of Mumbai Police.

Mohan India two-times – Diverted investors’ monies to own properties

Even inveterate swindlers would be stumped whilst deciphering the magnitude of the deceit orchestrated by Mohan India Group, who gave a hoot to people’s investments and their stakes. A lot has been said and written about them in the previous blogs and several other platforms across the media vents that now people have fallen in impasse of words and expressions to narrate the synchronised betraying demeanour of the group, largely.

Perpetuation of spiralling properties after properties to possess was the heaving desire of the promoters of Mohan India group.

On the whole, as in the previous blog, we saw the deceptive divinity of Jagmohan Garg and how he portrayed insincerely for pecuniary benefits in the illusory garb of spiritual discourses and creating means for all of that. With the money spun in from NSEL’s investors, he generated real estate properties, studios and so on.

As buyer of 216,324 tonnes of sugar – Mohan India group was one of the major borrowers of NSEL. Close to Rs. 600 crore, out of the Rs. 852 crore that they got, were paid to several unrelated bodies and close Rs. 200 crore to related entities. More appallingly, Jagmohan Garg, it is said, had diverted investors’ monies to several ventures such as the five star hotel – Radisson, real estate properties viz. Mera Baba Reality projects in Pritampura and Rohini and a lot more, and all of those were turned away into these ventures from the money that returned from the related entities to unrelated entities. It is also said that the money was siphoned off after having been laundered. What emanated out of it was that all the money was routed to the political big cheeses that backed them.

In October, 2013, Mohan India agreed to pay Rs.771 crore as final settlement, out of its combined obligation and the deal safeguarded by asset mortgages and penal clauses for the delayed payment obligations. Around 500 acres of land in Bikaner belonging to Mohan India was securitised, along with a bungalow plot admeasuring 14,000 Sq.yard in New Delhi. A promise made by him to liquidate gold worth Rs. 14 crore to pay back investors was breached along with the terms of agreement by Mohan India Group; thus the group flunked in living up to the agreement terms of final settlement.

Jai Shankar Srivastav, Jagmohan Garg’s associate, as we’ve seen in the previous blogs, owned luxury cars like Audi 7, Mercedes SUV, Bentley and Fortuner, besides gifting some exclusive cars to the then colluding officials of NSEL and their relatives. The vehicles in Jai Shankar’s possession have already been attached by the EOW of Mumbai Police.

The joke is, on the BK “Divine Life” website, BK Jagmohan Garg says …

Knowledge is Power.

Knowledge is the source of income. Knowledge is light and might. Knowledge acts like a sword which help you fight all the obstacles. But all these are only possible when you remember, churn and apply it in your practical life.

The even bigger joke is the Brahmakumaris preach that money, like food, can transfer spiritual vibrations and hence they have claimed for decades not to accept donations from “impure” (non-BK) individuals.

And yet it seems the very foundations of these ventures is based on blatant fraud. Nothing new really … “birds of a feather flock together”.

Strangely I have not heard of any response from the Brahma Kumaris PBIVV about said allegations yet and the International Office of the BKWSU (aka Sister Jayanti Kirpalani) refuses to answer any questions about what goes on in India washing her hands of any responsibility … whilst, it seems, financing its operations to the sum of over £500,000 per year and accepting funds from it.*

* (We have yet discovered exactly *how* Sister Jayanti finances her international jetset lifestyle as she is allegedly not paid any salary by the BKWSU (UK) charity … which, again, the trustees of the BKWSU UK refuse to explain).

Garg’s partner, Jai Shankar Srivastava Director of Mohan India, is reported to enjoy and pamper himself in the company of escorts at his up market hotels … “Mohan India Director Srivastava spends on escorts; NSEL traders’ dues remain unsettled” (I have no way to confirm the veracity of such allegations – these might just be ordinary young girls – but they are represented as starting point for further research).

See also, India Today … e.g Rs.6.74 crore was used for buying vehicles, Rs.6.15 crore for buying gold.

Rape and abortion confirmed

BK_Patna_Rape_maleRape and abortions since confirmed by police medical investigation.

PATNA: County’s one of the most well-known “Godly University”, which offers courses that focus on the benefits of moral and spiritual approaches to life was defamed on Monday. In a shocking incident, a 22-year-old spiritual leader Brahma Kumari was allegedly raped for four years by a sewak on the pretext of marriage at the famous Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya here.

Sewak Lallan has been accused of raping the spiritual leader. The shameful incident came to light on Monday when the victim along with members of Prem Youth organisation reached Mahila Police station and reported the matter.
The victim alleged that she was not the only Brahmakumari to have faced the sexual assault, but there were also many other, who were going through the shameful act.
Moreover, the brahmakumari was also threatened of dire consequences by the sewak.
She informed that she had reported about the matter to Brahmakumari Anju, who heads the Fatuha located University but to no avail.
Whereas, Brahmakumari rubbished the allegations on Monday. “All the allegations are false,” adding, “The 22-year old was accused of misconduct and expelled from the University sometime back.”
Notably, Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)is a well known spiritual value based educational institution that has gained global acceptance and unique international recognition. One of the most famous faces of Brahmakumari Sisters, “Brahmakumari Shivani” has given many speeches about ‘Art of Joyful Living’ at several reputed institutes including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

Can anyone find out any more information about this?

What’s hypocritical about it is that so many of the BKs Western Elite have dropped their knickers and partnered up or married off, but still get called back for public events and are used for service … one rule for rich and light skinned, another for the poor and dark?

Brahmakumari raped for 4 years at Patna BK Centre: confirmed

The accused in the BK Patna Rape Case has absconded. This is so typical. Every time some serious crime or event happens, e.g. when that girl was either murdered or committed suicide by burning herself to death in Panipat and the BK got rid of the corpse, this is precisely what happens … the BKs abscond like the leadership just gives them “Shrimat” to run away (in previous cases they have turned up at other BK centers), or it is just a typical Indian thing … it’s so easy to just disappear in India and evade Indian’s underfunded police force. Of course, I would not be at all surprised in the BK leadership does.

Where are the Brahma Kumaris “values” now?

brahmakumariThe Center in-charge of the Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya University in Fatuha, Rani Didi, at a press conference in Patna on Tuesday denied charges of sexual abuse of students saying the woman making such allegations was lying and had been expelled from the institute nearly six months ago.”Charges against me and two officials of the institute are completely baseless and are being made out of personal vendetta by the 19-year old woman,” Rani Didi said adding both the woman in question and the man had voluntarily joined the institute and no sexual abuse took place as alleged by the woman.

As reported, the 19-year old woman, in an FIR with the Kankarbagh police station, stated that she was forced to have sex with a man named Lallan Kumar.”I was forced to sleep with him and have sex with him despite my resistance to such activities. The institute lures naïve girls and women into taking admission and then force them into flesh trade catering to high profile politicians and other clients,” the woman told the police.

The accuser was sent to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) for a physical test to determine the veracity of her claims, police said. Meanwhile, authorities are searching for Lallan Kumar who is said to be absconding.

Meanwhile, the charm offensive goes BK Maureen Chen of Sydney, Australia meets the Governor of Patna and his wife at Raj Bhawan


Maureen Chen is a BK from Sydney, Australia and has been a Meditation Teacher with the Brahma Kumaris for 34 years. She was based in Hong Kong for 21 years, travelling throughout Asia and spent 4 years in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Maureen is now based in India working with the BKs’ PR campaign called the “Future of Power” project and networking with government leaders in all states of India.

The BKs must be organizing work visa for these people now. I wonder who pays for them, or if they are just spending their retirement in a warm, comfortable place with lots of BK servants to look after them?

Read the discussion on

Lekhraj Kirpalani’s Birth Certificate

Absolutely no thanks to the Brahma Kumaris leadership as usual … who are still covering up the truth, pumping out false information, lying to outsiders and newcomers, and misleading their enculted adherents … here is a copy of Lekhraj Kripalani’s birth certificate. Lekhraj Kirpalani, aka Dada Lekhraj or Brahma Baba, was born on the 15 December 1884 which made him 48 when he started his satsangs in 1932 … and 52 in 1936 when the BKs claim he did and the “Shiva” soul first possessed him. Of course, recent independent research has proven there was no mention of Shiva until after 1955 and up until that time the Brahma Kumaris consider Lekhraj Kirpalani to be god. Even when they start to conceive of another bodiless spirit in the early 50s, they also considered that to be an aspect of Lekhraj Kirpalani.

What does this mean and what is the significance of this?

In the Murlis, and for decades, the BKWSU has taught that “God Shiva” possessed his first medium in 1936 when that medium was 60. Lekhraj Kirpalani was not 60. Since Veerendra Dev Dixit and the PBKs started to question this point in 1976, and suggested that there was an earlier and truer medium of god, one of Lekhraj Kirpalani’s business partners who was also part of the Hyderabad Sindi community and part of the early Om Mandli, the BK leadership has been contorting itself, re-writing the Murlis to confuse the issue, and hiding actual real facts. Over the last few years, as more revelations have emerged from this site and rippled through the BK community, the BKWSU leadership has increased its contortions and wordplay to excuse the past manipulations, and is attempting to assuage the differences in order to maintain control over its following, thereby ensuring its own status and position over them. A status and position they live off. They have still has not revealed the whole truth. Although one might not chose to believe the PBKs’ claims that their leader is the reincarnation of this other individual and the true “medium of God Shiva”, what is emerging is a clearer picture of the early days of the Om Mandli which suggests that;

      a) the BKWSU version is a false confusion of myths and facts, and a much later fabrication
      b) the representation of the personality of Lekhraj Kirpalani is false and has been confused with elements of this other hidden character in the BKWSU’s history
    c) the name of that individual is *not* Narain Shewkram or Sevak Ram as portrayed by the BKWSU in its comic book version of the Om Mandli history, and since repeated by PBK followers.

Not only is the BKWSU leadership in India and the West continuing to deliberately mislead academics, it is also attempting to shut down independent sources of information about its early days through diplomatic (sucking up, flattering, and offering free retreats etc) and legal means. The nature of it’s own actions are ensuring that this is not happening Despite any appearances to the opposite, even educated or academic BKWSU followers are not engaged in sincere research, or are not being allowed to engage in sincere research, but rather engaging in a strategy of ‘damage limitation’ to ensure the status quo. Even taking elements from this site and credit for it, whilst still criticising us.

As usual, we ask the question, “Can an Age of Truth (Sat Yuga), be created on their foundations of falsehood and lies?”We say, no. There is not a hope in hell of it happening.

It would appear that the BKs’ Golden Aged palaces are the ones they are creating now on their adherents wealth and free labor. All respect to the independent efforts and expense of the research currently being carried out by others who, for the sake of BKWSU efforts to track, expose and target them in India, wish to remain anonymous. Birth_Certificate_of_Dada_Lekhraj-English


The latest ‘official excuse’ the BKWSU is using is that Lekhraj Kirpalani was “sixty-ish” meaning that he was ready for retirement according to Hindu tradition. This is also false. Firstly, the use of language does not match with which was written in the Murlis. Secondly, and more importantly, Lekhraj Kirpalani was not ready for retirement as his son was still a minor and not ready to take on the responsibilities of household and business.

Lekhraj Kirpalani’s son was essentially disinherited by the Father who then wasted the family fortune on indulging himself playing God and Krishna to his small cult of ‘paid for and supported’ female followers. Followers who have since gone on to become the ‘paid for, supported and now be-servanted’ leaders of the BKWSU.

It’s also noted that Lekhraj Kirpalani … or God Shiva if you wish … actually instructed the Brahma Kumaris to return their wealth and property to the Indian government if Destruction (the End of the World) in 1976. This did not happen and, tapping into the superstitious Hindu habit to donate to religion, that wealth and property has increased exponentially since.

What’s interesting about this is not just the date or details … which a BK might argue are fairly small or irrelevant amongst the whole “gee whiz” God has come malarky … it’s that it is a very pure mirror in which to see the nature of the BKWSU; one of being somewhere between delusion and deceptiveness.

The top dogs are manipulative and deceptive, the middle dogs are deluded and unquestioning and just repeat what they are told. The social reward system within the BKWSU is one of accepting, conforming and performing nicely according to instruction … not thinking, examining closely nor being real and accurate.

To deceive well is their art.

      The obvious question then to ask, is “Does God, or do Godly individuals, behave in this manner?”. Years and year, layers and layers of deception, re-writes and contorted half-truths.
    The obvious answer is, “No, of course not”.

Therefore it is not god and they are not Godly.

In my mind, I can actually hear and see the patronising look on their faces and bored tones of their voice as they repeat the standard answers to such issues being raised. “You just don’t understand (what a stupid question) … don’t think, don’t question … just accept what we say … what does it matter? … just experience … go and do more Yoga and you will start to understand accept it … it wasn’t Baba who said it, it was just the churnings of the children”.

The problem is always ours, and our “impurity” stopping us understand accept it … not their persistent amorality.

        “Don’t bother us about such things … it’s bad for business, our credibility, and does not bring in donations!”

What Brahma Kumaris don’t want you to know.

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University?

Brahma Kumaris’ Raja Yoga is now promoted behind the facade of new age, positive thinking, values based and coporate training courses. Many individuals experience benefit from these. Indeed, some individuals can look back at their time as a “student” of the BKWSU positively. However, whether right or wrong, at the core of BKWSU teachings and lifestyles are identical elements to recognised cult behaviour. Elements that are hidden from the general public and slowly introduced during the process of indoctrination.

Whilst claiming to have 8,500 centres in 100 countries, the vast majority of these are privately owned residential homes and apartments, many taking donations to pay for personal mortgages. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is not an educational institution but an unaccredited new religious movement.


Brahma Kumari beliefs include;

» belief in the imminent destruction of this world by an unavoidable Nuclear Holocaust     (now overdue by 30 to 50 years)

» belief in themselves as the only true messengers of God.

» belief that God only speaks to them and them alone in person at their Indian headquarters via a mediumistic channeller.

» hypnagogic, trance-like practises and repetitive auto-suggestion.

» fixation on attracting VIPs to enhance their credibility and act as “microphones” for their message.

» exaggerated distinction between “pure” (their teachings and activities) and “impure” (the rest of the World’s opinions and leaders)

» exaggerated sense of self-importance (they being topknot “Brahmins”), the rest of the World (Untouchables or “Shudras”)

» belief in an unrealistic view of science, e.g. all of time existing within one endlessly repeating 5,000 year timeframe.

» a slow and gradual re-writing of their core beliefs as they fail.

» unquestionable and unaccountable non-democratic leadership.

» amassing of considerable wealth from followers under such pressures.

» complete separation from non-BKs by complete control of diet, demanding lifestyle, celibacy.

» graphic exaggeration of the plight of those that leave the group ; “grinding of teeth like the sound of mustard seeds … crying tears of blood at Destruction”, sexual activity being like “throwing one’s self from a 5th storey high building”, having to face a severe God at Judgement Day.

» secrecy, revision and disguise of the nature and process of teachings.

» intense and long lasting social and psychological problems within individuals leaving the organisation.

The Brahma Kumaris encourage followers;

» not to eat food cooked by impure non-followers such as physical relatives.

» to practice detachment from parents and children.

» to separate from non-Brahma Kumari partners and family so as not to make any more “karmic accounts” with them that would be obstacles to their path.

Under these pressures, individuals are willing to put aside reason and surrender themselves mind, body and wealth, to the will of senior members of the BKWSU. Most of these senior members are professionally untrained in any manner whatsoever. Despite dabbling with perhaps the deepest levels of the human mind, many of these senior members have only ever had a basic education, e.g. 3 years schooling, and no professional experience. One senior BK recently estimated that in India there were as many as 20,000 so-called teachers that have had no training whatsoever. The curriculum and teaching methods have been likened to that of a primary school or kindergarten where followers are infantilized as children.

In this situation, individuals are open to manipulation, the influence of the group or other psyches. Major life decisions are taken on their behalf under the guise of “God’s instructions”. They take on many new, extreme and unproven beliefs unquestioningly in a wish to be accepted. At the point of the failure in these beliefs, or the failure in trust of those self-elected senior practitioners, ex-members are almost without any social support mechanism whatsoever.

Ex-Brahma Kumaris (female) and ex-Brahma Kumars (male) are often unable or unwilling to accept the help of family, or even the help of professionals, who have not gone through the same experience. The strength of mind, developed will or depth of ill explained experience make ex-BK Raja Yogis very independent, detached and resilient.

The organization’s mental training roots distrust of non-B.K.s at a deep, even sub-conscious level. It is suggested that perhaps only others that have gone through similar experiences can help to explain these, share their pain and make suggestions on how to survive.